Be A Super Hero Reading (and Writing) Teacher For Your Students!

This is for any teacher, in a school or at home, who has early literacy instruction on their agenda!

Marie M. Clay, Ph.D. who developed Reading Recovery , has left the world of literacy education a great gift.  When I was trained in Reading Recovery I gained tremendous knowledge and a clear understanding of the foundation on how children read.

As a trained Reading Recovery teacher, I love, love, love to share the strategies, methods, and practices of Reading Recovery.  I believe all teachers who are responsible for literacy instruction in the primary grades would greatly benefit from this methodology!  I recommend you find a place to get the training!  In New Zealand, the birthplace of Reading Recovery, in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, those links will provide you the starting point to find training sites and Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders who will steer you along in the journey, that is worth your investment and time.  You can speak to your school leaders and administration about paying for you to have this training and how it will greatly benefit your qualifications as an educator and benefit the entire school climate for your new found excellence.

Aside from the last paragraph, here are two steps to consider that will afford you to glean valuable information as you move forward with your reading and writing lessons.

Step one: The Observation Survey

This assessment is intended for age 6 children, who have completed one year of schooling. It is best utilized with students who appear to be in need of more strategic and individually tailored reading and writing lessons.  When this assessment is complete you write up the results and begin your planning for step two.

The Observation Survey can be found here.  I would recommend you undertake this learning with the guidance of a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader or a trained Reading Recovery Teacher, doing so will offer you the optimum understanding of the delivery of this assessment, the required way to deliver it, and the valuable information that will feed your days of Roaming Around The Known, which is step two.

Step two: Roaming Around The Known

This is a period of approximately ten days with an individual student, longer if you are interested in conducting it with group (I have done this with groups and found it to be wonderfully informative and trust building for future work).

Roaming Around the Known ideas can be found here or by joining the Facebook Group: Reading Recovery Teachers. Again, this would be best understood and learned with a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader or a trained Reading Recovery Teacher.


Going through the year long training will provide you with a tool kit that will equip you to teach reading and writing in the primary grades, as well as open your mind to what learning to read and write is really all about!  Become a super hero to your students, become excellent, become outstanding!  That will light a fire in you!


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