Are you the best teacher you could be?


Well, perhaps yes, for the moment you are the best you can be.  However, you know it is possible to become better.  In the book “Mindset” by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. writes based on a quote she recalled from the 1960’s, “Becoming is better than being.”  There is always room for growth, and sometimes that growth is uncomfortable, unimaginable, or unwanted.  In order for you to up your value, your confidence, and the delivery of your best to your students or children, you must require more of yourself.

Here are 3 action steps:

Get outside of your building, your bubble, and those same voices:

Instead of attending your district or school professional development seek outside options.  Connect with another teacher or professional that sparks a fire in you.  A person who piques your interest for learning.  Observe a teacher in another school, another district, another city, town, province, or locale.  The new learning and excitement that you could potentially take away from that experience could majorly fuel you! It is also a growth opportunity for you, a leadership quality to hone; present your new gained knowledge with colleagues, friends, families of your students, and administration.

Which teacher outside of your own building would you go observe?  What workshop or training would you love to attend?

Get connected to a different type of professional, other than a teacher

I attended a presentation recently, delivered by a developmental optometrist.  He opened my eyes to why some students may struggle with reading.  That sight and vision are not synonymous.  That some children may require vision therapy to read.  All these years as a Reading Specialist, and Reading Recovery Teacher and I had no idea about this!  I drank it in and scheduled observation time with him, I asked him to recommend further reading (recommended books: Smart in Everything Except School, by G.N. Getman, OD., D.O.S. and Piaget’s Theory in Practice Thinking Goes to School by Hans G Furth and Harry Wachs) for me to better understand how I could help my students, and soon, he will be presenting to my colleagues on this topic.   I am not aiming for expert, I’m shooting for growth and continued excitement and curiosity for my teaching practice.

What “outside” professional could you learn from or observe?

Attend new groups or create the group you want

With social media at your finger-tips, getting involved, or exploring groups to feed your desires, is a must do!  I’ve been joining all kinds of groups lately meeting people from all kinds of professions who are curious about what I do and I’m learning about what they do.

I’ve also attended some educational groups where I’m learning so much about various operating systems in districts; technology, publishing companies, reasons districts will or won’t buy products or programs.

Just recently I joined a luncheon hosted by a local community program because a recent new person I met, through another group, mentioned it to me.  There were plenty of real estate professionals and lawyers, and, surprise, professionals who work with children!  I had the joy of talking with many of them and now I’m in contact with them getting ready to create a group with them!

What group do you want to be a part of?

Share what charges you up!

Where is your fire?


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