Who needs the kick in the pants? Them or You?

“Our problem is civil obedience.”

Are you obedient?

I see these t-shirts around these days with the logo “obey” and I think how very wrong a message.  I much prefer the Nike slogan, “Just Do It”.

Take yourself through your life, through history, through current events right now. Ask yourself the question is the best solution to obey?  Do you want to obey?  Do you want your students to obey?  Do you want your children to obey?  Do you want all those around you to obey?

Remember this? South Korea ferry disaster

I have my own conditioning to undo the “obeying” and a double whammy at that, because growing up a girl and now a woman, I have been conditioned all the more to “obey” which I feel goes hand in hand with, be nice.  I’m working on it, so that I can deliver a model and words, to my family and students, that it is important and your duty to dis-obey, to question, to wonder, to think, to not follow simply because…

Watch this speech excerpt, originally from Howard Zinn, delivered by Matt Damon.

All that I’m learning these days points to our responsibility to our children, our students, to survive in a global economy is: to be a person who questions, a person who engages in discussion, and works well with others.

What examples are you displaying for your children or students?  How are you allowing for your students or children to challenge and question?

I like the closing remarks about interdependence, ties in well with questioning, engaging in discussion, and working well with others; skills for future lives and global economy.

Don’t seek your class to be doing the same thing at the same time, avoid rows, lines, and continuous obedience.  Allow for varying opinions, debates, challenges, discussions, movement, cultivate a culture where view points are expressed rather than conformed to the standard of the teacher’s rule.

Find your fire for this important character building.


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